Who We Are

Solidify your brand with A Drop of Elixir

You may have heard of the word “elixir” at some point in your life, but there are so many beautiful definitions to this mystical word. Our take? Elixir is a magical potion that turns something as ordinary as raw materials into something as valuable as gold.

Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes grow, and be part of the journey. We are here to guide you and your brand through the mystical world called the Internet by offering customized solutions based on your needs and goals.

Hence, the birth of Elixir Creative Solutions. Whether it’s using only one service, or a combination of many, our team is here to help achieve your goals through our knowledge, skills and strategy planning.

Grow Together

There are so many options out there to grow your online presence, and sometimes it might seem overwhelming. It could be that your business has yet to take an online approach yet, or you already have, but are not getting results. That is where we come into play! Although our services exist to help improve numbers for your business, we strive to be a part of your business too, which is why our motto is “Grow Together”.

Customized Approach

Our services are very diversified, we can help whether you are a start-up, or an existing business looking for room to grow. Our strategic approach is unique and customized for each and everyone of our clients.

Budget Friendly

Spend less for more! We seek a long term relationship with our clients, therefore we aim to maximize lead generation for your business in the most cost-effective way.

All-Rounded Experience

The Elixir Creatives consist of different strengths that complement one another. Therefore, we are able to meet your needs in different ways.


We are passionate about what we do. We care about your business growth and well-being, hence our services are performance-based.

The Elixir Creatives

Jillian Chow
Content Strategy

Jillian loves exploring and is always willing to take any challenges that come her way. The constant evolution in social media enables her to use her adaptability skills to create a solid strategy for different businesses. She believes that every industry thrives to help people in one way or another and that motivates her to do what she does best.

Chelsie Chow
Web Services

Chelsie is the Website Guru on the team. She has a background in graphic designing and has a passion for learning new things. That was when she ventured in the world of web development and stuck in that industry since. Due to having a creative background, Chelsie’s strengths include having a creative eye when it comes to the design part of Website Planning, but at the same time she also understands how the development and technical side works.

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